Sunday, October 27, 2019

I just realized I didn't put a title here! Whoops. :D

Hidey-ho, horror nuts! Welcome to another WTFHM!

This week’s movie is…well…

So, sometimes you just want to take a break from the heavy stuff (just watched American History X, Jim and Andy and Midsommar in the span of a week…and I’m listening to Tara Westover’s Educated on audiobook. I’m a little over the serious right now.) If you’re anything like me, however, and you still love your horror movies (especially during Halloween week), do I have the movie for you.

This week’s movie…

(I’m going to try to stick with the notable characters for this list. There’s like a cast of thousands in this movie.)

Dude Bro Party Massacre III starring Alec Owen, Ben Gigli, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Erik Sandoval, Jon Worley, Jimmy Wong, Greg Sestero, Brian Firenzi, Candace Buttiker, Brian McElhany, Nick Kocher, Kelsey Gunn, Jon Salmon, Andrew W.K., Patton Oswalt, Nina Hartley, and Larry King.

Yes. You heard me.

Andrew W.K. and his T-Shirt

Patton Oswalt

Nina Hartley (No judgment if you already knew who she is)

And even Larry King... who reportedly is in this movie because he always wanted to be murdered in a horror movie. I mean, we all have goals right?

So, this movie opens with the disclaimer that it was banned in the 80s and the only reason we’re watching it is because some brave teenager recorded it during the one time it was shown on television.

The plot of this movie…well, let’s not focus on the plot. It’s not important. The whole thing reads out like Markiplier directed the cast of Smosh in a movie written by Ninja Sex Party. (For those of you who don’t get that joke, ask the nearest 15 to 20-year-old for an explanation).

This movie is a satire, but it’s also a slasher film so, since a plot synopsis is a wash let’s measure it by the Four Bs.

Blood: A+++
You can’t make a horror movie satire without buckets and buckets of blood. Really, that’s the whole dang point of making a horror movie satire in the first place. Bring in the rain slickers before you watch this. You will get soaked on this ride.

Boobs: A++
Also, you cannot make a horror movie satire without boobs. Lots of boobs. Though…to be honest…there could have been more. They kind of show all the boobs you’re going to see during the recap at the beginning of the movie.

(And before you say it, I did not break a rule here. There is no Dude Bro Party Massacre I and II…not that I wouldn’t have watched it.)

Body Count: A+++
I’m not actually sure what the body count is in this movie. A lot of people die in the “recap” in the beginning as well as just about everybody else. Suffice it to say, it’s a lot. If I had to estimate, maybe 15 to 20? I don’t know. I tried looking it up online and apparently no one cared enough to do an actual count. So, let’s say 20-ish…plus a robot.

Bad Acting: A++++
I mean, did you really expect Shakespeare in a movie with Andrew W.K., Britanick, and Nina Hartley in it? No explanation necessary here.

So, yeah, it’s 10s across the board for this movie! This movie is completely ridiculous. There is no way around it. It’s a farce with head-explody. The question is, does it get a jewel?

I mean…it should, right? Meh. I’ll give it a Youtube Diamond Play Button.

So, next week's movie!'s a comedy/horror!  I sense a streak coming on.
See you next week!


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Why You Shouldn't Rob A Possessed House

Hidey-Ho, my people!!  Welcome to another WTFHM!!!  

So, this week we're doing another haunted house movie with haunted stuff in it. Woot.

Yeah, I'm not a big, big haunted house movie fan, but, well, it is what it is. This one doesn't have a whole lot of surprises really in the way of horror either, but, well, it wasn't the worst haunted house movie ever either.

So, let's just do and don't this one. Shall we?

House on Willow Street starring Sharni Vinson, Carlyn Burchell, Steven John Ward, Gustav Gerderner, Zino Ventura, Gina Shmukler, Ter Hollmann, Ashish Gangapersad, and Jonathan Taylor.

Okay, to set this up, Hazel(Vinson) and her boyfriend Ade(Ward), his cousin James (Gerderner), and their crime seasoned friend Mark (Ventura) have all decided to kidnap the daughter of a rich guy in this big house.

Very soon after they do this kidnapping, weird stuff starts happening and the fun ensues!


Plan for the worst. Early in the movie, Mark says something to the effect of expecting the unexpecting. That is to say, if you’re planning a big kidnapping, make sure you anticipate all the angles, but be ready when something you didn’t think of first.

Now, granted, I don’t know how well this applies to supernatural events, buuut at least this way it might occur to you to bring some holy water just in case the walls start bleeding.


Leave your crew on a need to know basis. Look, I know that you don’t want to have all your personal business in the streets and whatever, but you’re not secret agents. Like, if your whole family died in a fire in the same house that the girl you just kidnapped lived in, that might be important to know down the line. So, do yourself a favor and make sure everyone is on the same page before you go into potentially dangerous situations.

Use blunt objects to defend yourself. In most cases, that seems to work more often than not with supernatural creatures. At the very least, you might slow them down long enough to run. And since we’re talking about weapons… 


Go unarmed. Carry guns. More than one a person, please. However…


Know when the guns are useless. Guns work pretty well for two-legged mortal enemies. Not so much for demons and various other supernatural creatures. The moment you know you’re messing with demons, ditch the guns and start making crosses out of the spare wood.

Try to go back for anybody. Listen, there was more than one moment in this movie when the main characters lost precious running time by declaring that they have to go back for *insert name here*. While I’m all for the "everyone going home or no one going home" mentality, there’s are rare situations where it’s better for all involved if you can dip out whenever you can. That being said…

Dip out at the earliest time convenient, but…

Hide. They (the monsters) tend to find you way faster that way.

And last, but not least, 


Stare. There’s a lot of that going on in this movie. Staring at people getting possessed, staring at monsters getting burned, staring at being becoming monsters. Look, I get that all this is pretty fantastic and unbelievable, but all that staring you were doing is making it so the demon doesn’t have to run for far to catch up with you. Get while the getting is good!

So, did I like this one? Yeah. I guess. Well...

I mean, it had its problems, but it was a decent Saturday afternoon horror movie, so I'll give it a pink diamond.

Next a movie!  Yeah, I forgot to grab another movie. I'm sure it has "House" in the title, though. :D

See you next week!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

This is the House that Jack got Stranded and Saw His Dead Kid in and I don't know...

Heeeeyyyy, Horror Nuts!!! Welcome to another WTFHM!

So, this week, I just want to take a moment to cheer loudly…because it’s October! Time for Halloween decorations and roasted pumpkin seeds and…

That’s right! Horror movies! Now, I know you might think that horror movies are an everyday thing for me and they are, but for some reason, Halloween seems to be the one time of year that I’m a little extra when it comes to horror. This is usually around the time that I take on crazy projects and challenges like watching every George Romero zombie movie or every horror movie in a library.

(Incidentally, if you’re going to try the former, you might want to take break halfway through and do something happy like go to a cider mill. Zombie movies aren’t known to be the most joyous kind of movies.)

Great. Now I want cider and donuts.

Anyway, this week’s movie…

House starring…wait…

House starring…No, wait, that’s not right…

Nope, nope. That's not it either...

Okay, there we go. House starring Michael Madsen, Reynaldo Rosales, Heidi Dippold, Julie Ann Emery, J.P. Davis, Lew Temple, Leslie Easterbrook, Bill Moseley, Pawel Delag, Weronika Rosati, and Alanna Bale.

Meet Jack (Rosales) and Stephanie Singleton (Dippold). They hate each other. They’re also driving through the country because Jack wanted to take a shortcut. Where are they going? To see a therapist…who’s clearly in another state or something…which is weird…but okay.

Along the way, they nearly run into a truck that’s driven off the road. Jack talks to the police officer (Madsen) who, in his growly Mr. Blonde voice, informs him of which road he can take to get back to the highway.

Jack and Stephanie, who by the way, hate each other, get into an argument. When they find themselves at a fork in the road – one direction leading to the highway – Jack asks Stephanie if they should even bother. She’s like:

So, he takes the other road…which presumably leads home…though I don’t know why it would as oppose to just taking the highway and going the opposite direction, but, well, anyway.

They’re driving along and they end up hitting some scrap on the road and blowing both their tires. They see another car on the road that appears to have run over some scrap as well. Pay attention, because that’s going to be important later.

They end up at a big, creepy, bed and breakfast mansion. When they walk in, the place appears deserted of course, except for another couple.

They introduce themselves as Randy (Davis) and Leslie (Emery). Randy and Leslie were driving along and ran over some scrap just like Jack and Stephanie.

As they’re talking, the owner of the place shows up:

Betty (Easterbrook). She tells them that the inn is run by herself and her two sons Frank (Moseley) and Pete(Temple) and they might as well settle in because no tow truck is coming to bail any of them out anytime soon.

Okay, so they sit down for dinner and it goes pretty much like you’d expect.

Well, not quite that bad...

Pete creepily tells his mother that he wants to bang Leslie, Frank says some inappropriate stuff about Randy banging Leslie, and…

Yeah, that’s basically the highlights of that scene.

Shortly thereafter, a scary masked man shows up on the lawn. Betty freaks and starts locking doors and windows. Betty’s all, “You brought the Tin Man!”


So, The Tin Man climbs up on the roof, breaks a window, and drops a busted tin can down through. The Tin Can says something to effect of “I’m going to come in there and kill you all, but if one of you guys can kill one of the other people before sunrise, I’ll let you all go.”

Betty and the gang decide that these new guests are the reason the Tin Man has come to kill them and decide that they need to die instead. They try locking them up in a meat locker, but it doesn’t work. Randy and Jack overpower them while Stephanie and Leslie kind of stand there and scream.

They lock Betty and Frank in the meat locker, somewhere along the line Pete kidnaps Leslie and the rest of them run around the house ala Scooby-Doo chase.

It’s about this point that they all start having visions. All the visions have something to do with some awful thing they did or experienced in their lives. For Jack and Stephanie, they both have visions of their daughter Melissa, who drowned in a frozen lake when neither of them had time for her.

Yeah, I said that right. Apparently, that’s the message we get from their vision. Their daughter’s death because they’re bad parents, folks.

Leslie gets stuck in a room full of dolls and frilly stuff and pies. Lots of pies. Which she has a memory of that she’s supposed to eat all those pies. There’s something about a creepy uncle who, we presume, molested her.

And in Randy’s vision, he goes back to that time he shot his dad while they were hunting. But then, his dad was a jerk, so…

All right, so while all this is going on Jack meets a little girl in the house, Susan (Bale). Susan tries to lead him out, but he hears Leslie crying for help and goes to help her. She’s being attacked by Pete. They fight Pete off and Betty shows up and it’s a whole thing, but they end up escaping.

Okay, so, it’s around here that things get…well, unreasonable. There’s another Scooby-Doo chase where they all end up in this room with red curtains and wall pentacles, there’s this whole moment where Jack has an evil twin and black smoke’s coming out of his hand…

Anyway, they escape that and almost get out only to find the police officer from earlier is outside. Huzzah, they’re saved.

Nope. Sorry. Turns out the cop is the Tin Man. He and the family take them all back inside the house and convinces them that they should just kill each other and get it over with.

Susan shows up and Mr. Blonde – I mean, The Tin Man gets really angry at her and tells Randy to shoot her. Randy does. A big struggle ensues, and Randy and Leslie end up killing each other.

The ending to this hot mess of a scene is that a light just magically starts coming out of Susan’s corpse. Jack and Stephanie take the light and defeat the evil Tin Man with it because…Jesus?

I don’t know. There’s the whole undertone of good vs evil God vs Devil thing happening in this whole movie that’s really confusing when you get down it.

Okay, but that’s not the best part. The best part is when Jack and Stephanie find themselves running away from the house and walking back to the road where they left their car, they find that the car is a smoldering heap.

They try talking to the cops, but the cops just ignore them. Through their conversation, they find out that the four of them actually died in a fiery car wreck.

But then! Jack sees his dead body and runs towards it and lo and behold, he’s alive again. He revives Stephanie and they live happily ever after…

Or whatever.

I don’t know what to give this one. I mean, I guess it gets a little raspberry.

I mean, it was a good quality movie and it had its high points, but between Betty, Frank, and Pete chasing them all around the house and The Tin Man chasing them all around the house and the visions and Leslie coming onto Jack-

Oh, yeah, that happened too. For no reason. I guess to imply that she’s…a slut? And, oh, how I love subtle slut-shaming in horror movies.

Next week…House on Willow Street, which I’ve been wanting to check out for some time now. Yay!

See you next week!