Sunday, October 2, 2022

Haunting in a Haunting Kind of Way

 Hey, hey, Horror Nuts! Welcome to another edition of WTFHM!

So, I wasn't able to get out to the movies this week to check out Barbarian. It is what it is, though. Sometimes life just happens, right?

But, you know, this is Hispanic Heritage Month as well as Halloween month, so I figured this week, maybe we'll cover a movie from one of our Latin neighbors.

This week's Movie!

Nocturna Side A: The Great Old Man's Night starring Pepe Soriano, Marilu Marini, Jenaro Nouet, Mora Del Veccia, Desiree Salguiero, Lautaro Delgado, and Nicolas Scarpino


So, this is the story of 90-year-old Ulises(Soriano) living in an apartment with his wife, Dalia(Marini). What we know from the beginning is that it's clear that he's having a bit of memory loss (as I imagine you might have at 90).

His wife is a bit curmudgeonly and basically talks all kinds of shit about him and his faulty memory. Plus, she's convinced that the HOA in their building is planning to kick them out because they can't take care of themselves.

Anyway, everything's everything until they're awakened by a crash in the middle of the night. Thinking that it's a burglar, Ulises investigates but doesn't see anything other than he left the gas stove on.

Right after that, someone comes banging on their door. Ulises looks out the peephole and sees it's a woman. She's claiming to be a neighbor from upstairs, and she needs help. Dalia tells him not to open the door. That it's a trap. Soon after, her cries for help turn angry and sinister.

So, yeah, he doesn't open the door.


She stops banging and then another knock comes at the door. It's Daniel(Delgado), the super. He tells him through the door that he has the fire department with him and they need to get in ASAP.

He lets them in and Daniel promptly tells him that his upstairs neighbor took a swan dive out of the window and landed in their courtyard.

Confused, Ulises insisted that the dead woman was just at his door. Daniel tells him to chill and they'll talk in the morning.

And this is where it kind of gets trippy. Throughout the night, Ulises experiences strange ghostly occurrences, mixed with memories of his childhood.

Like, the whole movie is filled with all these beautiful, stunning images as we kind of go through Ulises dementia with him. I mean, midway through this thing, I was at a loss as to what was real and what wasn't.

His upstairs neighbor continues to haunt him as he tries to figure out if anything he's experiencing is real or not. And he's met with not only actual ghosts, but ghosts from his past.

The movie ends when he helps Elena(Salgueiro), the woman upstairs by letting her know that she's dead. He then comes to terms with his own life and that it's time for him to go as well. 

Listen, I'm not gonna say that this one had me up in my feelings or anything...

...but this one had me up in my feelings.

Like getting old is a thing that we're all gonna have to go through (if we're lucky) and of all the real life things that might scare the crap out of us, rarely do we ever consider how frightening that can actually be.

So, yeah. No brainer. Easy A, here, folks.

Side note. This appears to be part of a companion piece? Like there's a Nocturna Side B out there, but I don't have any info on that just yet. There's not a lot about either of these movies on the interwebs. Imma have to do some research.

Next week's movie!  Sissy. Despite the name, it looks decent, so let's give it a go! 

See you next week!