Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dear Ever Present Readers,

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be a weekly thing for my blog -- Horror Movie Reviews! (Yay!)

So, fun fact! I love horror movies. Love, love, love them. In fact, I’ve become a sort of aficionado of horror films in general over the years. So much so that I’ve decided to take advantage of my time as a part time circulation assistant at my local library and check out a horror movie every week.

Originally, the idea was to just watch every horror movie that they had - you know, the ones I haven’t seen. I figured it would be a fun diversion, particularly since the horror genre can encompass some strikingly beautiful and stellar films as well as some colossally terrible films that defy all reason with their awfulness. (Seriously, watch The Bad Kids of Crestview Academy sometime)

So far, it’s been just that! A lot of fun diversion to pass the time between schoolwork and work-work. But I got to thinking that watching them and absorbing them in my lonesome has been...well...lonesome. Having no one to share my movies with has kind of nullified the fun part of this little endeavor. Soooo, I’ve decided to dedicate a corner of my website to my adventures in horror movie watchery.

Now. I’ve subjected myself to a few rules in this endeavor. They are as follows:

1) All the horror movies in question will come from The Ferndale Public Library where I am a circulation assistant on the weekends. Since I have the easiest access to the films this way AND it gives me a chance to promote one of the better libraries in the local area. (Shout out to FPL!!!)

2) The movies I’m watching will be in alphabetical order as they come in. Since I started this blog kind of late, I won’t be starting with the As. I’m currently on the Cs. So, that means that no matter what the movie is, I have to watch the next one in line on the shelf - with one exception. If a movie gets shelved that is earlier than where I’m at, I have to watch that one instead of the next in line. So, If my next movie to watch was Creep, but in the next week Anaconda comes in, I have to watch Anaconda first.

3) Lastly, I can’t have already seen the movies in question. I’ve seen a lot of horror movies in my day and while I can probably sit here and detail out the greatest and worst horror movies of all time if I wanted, that’s not the goal in this blog. This is an exercise in discovering the best and the worst of what’s out there. Here’s hoping for more good than bad. I mean, I love it when I find a good horror movie to share.

But Good, Bad or indifferent, I’ll be posting reviews every week. So follow! Maybe I’ll find a winner for you to watch this weekend...but if I'm being honest, I'm kinda hoping I don't. Either way, expect a new review every week! Next week's Movie? Cemetary Man with Rupert Everett. Yeah, the guy from "My Best Friend's Wedding". Don't judge! Even George Clooney was in a horror movie. Stay tuned!

--O ~